IT Support

Your IT partner

Information Technology can be scary. Underneath the cosy veneer there are a myriad of things that can go wrong. Unreliable computers are not just the frustrating, they also waste your valuable time and can give a poor impression to your customers. If you recognise the need to have reliable IT systems but don't have the resources to employ full-time IT staff then Maddox Technical Solutions can help. We can be your on-call support department, with remote access and on-site visits whenever needed.

Excellent Support

"As a busy, growing company, we have been delighted with the support Maddox have given us. Their advice has been excellent and enabled us to make important changes to our systems without breaking the bank. Our systems now work far better and this makes for a happier office! There are still things to do, but we can see that the investment we have made will have long-term benefits for the business."

"I would have no hesitation is recommending Simon and his team if you are looking for an IT partner that understands more than just technology, but the broader business context."

James Clark Director, Horley

Broad Range of Expertise

Specialising in supporting smaller organisations, our experience covers a wide gamut of technology. This allows us to be your IT partner in many areas, including:-

Windows Desktop and servers

Keeping your PCs working well and up-to-date. Ensuring no malware or trojans are affecting your computers

Linux servers - including Apache PHP, MySQL

Sometimes it's better to have your own cloud server, and this will normally run Linux. Maddox have years of experience in making these secure and efficient at serving your website, email or custom applications

Networking - including routing, DNS, DHCP, VPN

We'll make sure your system works well for you - with remote access if needed - but keeps all unwanted visitors securely locked out.

VOIP telephony

We can help you move to a modern, digital telephone system with much more flexibility and reduced costs

MS Office Suite

We have advanced knowledge in most areas of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access

Hardware repairs & memory upgrades

We have tools to diagnose faults and can repair PCs and laptops where it is economically viable

Cloud servers

We have management and monitoring systems to ensure that your cloud servers are working as they should and meeting the demands of your customers.

Dynamic websites & search engine optimisation

We can work with you to build websites that look great on mobiles as well as desktop PCs, that are search engine optimised to get you noticed.

Careful, Consultative & Creative

"I have worked with Simon on several projects, including the complete refurbishment of a multi-function building that included a café, offices and place of worship."

"His approach seems to be to ask a many questions and do a lot of research first before offering advice. I like this, as it is better than making snap judgements which can lead to unbalanced decisions. He also thinks about far more than just the latest technical trends, considering what is most appropriate for each business. As an example, the approach to each area of the multi-purpose building was quite different and accurately reflected the needs of each organisation."

"I would recommend having a chat with Simon if you have a need for IT support. I'm certainly glad we did."

John van Hoof Director, Redhill